By Chris
  1. Fran Rashbrook says:

    Hi there! You may remember me as Fran Kane (now Rashbrook) back in the day at St Georges and the Boma. From time to time I Google all things Africa/Kenya and your name came up so I’ve loved reading various of your blogs/articles and look forward to more! I’ve been married 50 years this year with two children, both married, and five grandchildren. Life has been good and we all live around the Guildford area. It sounds as though you’ve had a fascinating life!

    • kenny says:

      Hello Fran! I do remember you – you and Buster…right? I believe you were very athletic, unlike me! Congrats on your long-lasting marriage. That is indeed quite an achievement. Can’t say the same for myself, though! Let’s just say there were several relationships, and now I’m with a wonderful German fellow and we seem set for life – or what’s left of it. I have one daughter, Sophie, now 35 and living in Los Angeles – on the other side of the continent, which makes me sad, I am super busy – more so than ever, and seem to be enjoying a huge spurt of life energy at this late stage, for which I am truthfully thankful. There is so much I still want to do, and places I want to see and people I want to be…however, I am still totally connected to Kenya, where my brother and sister still live. I try to go home every year if possible, and have two film projects ongoing there. It definitely has a hold on us, that place – right?