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Posted: 13th November 2014 by kenny in Africa, Habari: African Insights, Kenya

They are lean men, born in Africa and now in the last decade of their lives. Leathery, freckled skin folds over elbows and knees, their hair is mousy, white, dirty blond, usually worn long. They drive a motorbike from the 1940s, or a 40-year-old Land Cruiser, or maybe even an ancient Ford. They live at […]


Posted: 30th January 2008 by kenny in Habari: African Insights

NAIROBI, February 2, 2006 By Kenny Mann Stepping out of Nairobi airport at 5am on Saturday, January 28, 2006, everything feels at once entirely familiar and entirely strange.It’s pleasantly cool and to the west, a narrow band of fiery red light marks the curved horizon, a rising sun well guarded by a crystal clear sickle […]