• Tostan is an organization working in Senegal and other African countries to bring human rights education to rural and urban people.
  • Shulamith Koenig founded the organization known as the People’s Decade of Human Rights Education or PDHRE. In 2005, I compiled and edited a collection of essays titled THE PEOPLE’S REPORT by human rights activists working in the field all over the world, which is one of PDHRE’s publications and serves as a valuable handbook for human rights educators and practitioners.
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  • My friend Gabriele Raacke illustrated my book “Yellow Dog Dreaming”. I love her reverse paintings on glass and have several in my house.
  • Kathy Eldon is an old friend from Kenya who now lives in Los Angeles. Her son Dan, who grew up in Kenya, became a photojournalist and was stoned to death in Somalia at the age of 22. Using her son’s death as an inspiration, Kathy and her daughter Amy have created a marvelous foundation called Creative Visions.
  • Carol Beckwith is also a dear friend whose remarkable books on African culture have made her a renowned expert in the field. She is an amazing photographer, writer and artist and has spent over thirty years visiting the most remote regions of Africa with her co-author Angela Fisher to document the changing face of African people and culture.
  • Another close friend, Orel Protopoescu,  is an award-winning author of children’s books and poetry.  Her wonderful app for children explores the use and function of metaphor through a poem called “A Word’s A Bird” which provides a poem for every month of the year, and the app is breathtakingly illustrated in animated water-color paintings by Jeanne de Sainte Marie.  I was honored to provide the English narration for the poem.  You can listen to one verse on this page: My narration of A Word’s A Bird and scroll through the website for more information on the poem, how the app was developed, and where you can buy it.
  • Take a look at my Facebook page for the latest news and developments on all films.
  • In January, 2014, I ran my ALL ASPECTS OF DOCUMENTARY FILM PRODUCTION course for students at Nairobi’s Hot Sun Foundation.  It was wonderful to meet young African filmmakers, discuss their ideas and realize the enormous potential waiting out there.  I also taught the same course at the Kenya Institute of Media Communication (KIMC) and really enjoyed working with staff and students to lay the seeds for a future Master Class.
  • In 2007, I made a fund-raising film of Earthwatch’s Samburu Conservation Initiative in northern Kenya.  Working with Nick Oguge, of Earthwatch’s Kenya chapter, I came to understand how brilliant this project is in integrating the local Samburu communities with scientific research on wildlife in the area.  It’s a great model for other parts of the world too.
  • About 20 years ago, Christian Knochenhauer, a friend and resident in Kenya, designed my first website.  In 2014, feeling it needed a lot of updating and modernizing, we completely redesigned it – and here it is!